# Frequently asked questions about NubesGen

# Why the name "NubesGen"?

NubesGen is a code generator for Terraform. In Latin, Terra means "earth" and Nubes means "cloud".

# Why only Azure?

There is nothing specific to Azure in NubesGen, but as our goal is to have high-quality templates and as this is being done by Azure experts, we are only focusing on Azure for the moment.

If you want to join the team to add support to another cloud, feel free to contact us!

# Is this working with other generators?

NubesGen is a set of Terraform configuration files, and (optionally) a GitHub Action, so it should work with most other code generators.

For example, you should be able to use other tools like https://start.spring.io/ (opens new window) or https://www.jhipster.tech/ (opens new window) with NubesGen.