# Contact us

# 📋 GitHub Discussions

The best way to reach out to the core team is through our forum on GitHub Discussions (opens new window) Discuss. As a distributed team, this asynchronous format enable everyone to communicate efficiently across multiple timezones.

# 🔩 GitHub issues

You have a feature request or an idea? Our feature request process happens in GitHub, either through issues or discussions.

Bug reports should be added as issues in the corresponding repository, e.g. nubesgen (opens new window) Issue or nubesgen-actions (opens new window) Issue

Any suggestion or feedback is highly appreciated. Thank you for your support!

# 🛡️ Security issues


Please do not report security vulnerabilities through public GitHub issues.

Even if NubesGen does not manipulate personal information, all code can be used to create complex attacks. We're working with security in mind, but we assume a few things:

  • We can trust the templates in the GitHub repository
  • People are using the hosted (at nubesgen.com) version
  • The CLI or scripts that manipulate your Azure credentials are executed in a safe environment.

That being said, we still can have security issues in NubesGen.

If you have a small security concern, please ping one of the two core maintainers on Twitter only via direct messages. This should not be used if you need to exchange personal/account data.

If the issue is more serious or if you don't have/want to use Twitter, please follow Microsoft Open source security as listed in security.md (opens new window).