# Telemetry

As a lot of products, we use telemetry to inform our product strategy. We have two main tools to gather that telemetry: Microsoft Clarity and internal logs.

# Microsoft Clarity

We use Microsoft Clarity (opens new window) to get general statistics, heatmaps and other product stats. While Clarity may require the use of cookies (opens new window), we have disabled this feature. This limits the type of data we got (most notably around user sessions), but gives you a cookie-banner-free experience 👼.

Clarity is installed both on the main site and our documentation site.

# NubesGen internal logging

When you call the nubesgen.com api (either through the CLI, the web interface or via a REST call), we will log the parameters sent to us as a json file in a private Azure Blob.

We store the parameters sent to the API. This include the region, runtime, database type, required add-ons. The stored JSON looks like this:


We do not store your project name, or your IP address.

The code managing telemetry is located in the TelemetryService (opens new window).


We do not have yet an option to opt-out from telemetry we collect. We would love to offer this option in the future. If you want to contribute, do not hesitate to reach out to us on this issue (opens new window)

# 🍪 Cookies

NubesGen.com website does not use cookies to store Personally Identifiable Information. In future versions, we might use cookies to save user preference.